Outsourced travel manager.

The requirement.

Having assessed the risks, costs and time implications of employing temporary cover, it only made sense for the firm to outsource a Global Travel Manager by bringing our expertise in-house. With travel accounting for just a small percentage of the Head of Procurement’s wider role, the primary requirement was clear - no noise. This meant they needed not only a travel professional, but also someone who understood the firm and the nuances of the legal sector.

A no noise approach.

As the most emotive procurement category within the firm, it needed an expert to manage the global travel programme, someone who could step in for three months with a rapid handover and minimal need for direction. There could be absolutely no drop-in service levels and strategic projects needed to be delivered against strict deadlines and in line with the expectation of senior stakeholders.

The groundwork.

A series of meetings were arranged with the Global Travel Manager and Head of Procurement to produce a job description and secondment overview outlining timelines, contracted days, handover details and internal communications to the business. Collaboratively the Outsourced Travel Manager and the Global Travel Manager drew up a list of key objectives agreed with the firm to deliver on during the tenure.

Real opportunity for change.

We knew from experience that simply providing visibility of personal emissions would have limited success. To really drive change we needed to give a fuller picture. The Business Travel Advisory worked to bring critical context, aligning emissions with real activity. For instance, the number of smart phones that could have been powered, or homes that could have been run based on the traveller’s individual emission levels.

Getting it absolutely right

Two key strategic partnership agreements with key vendors

Contract extensions negotiated for six countries

Implemented online booking tools across Europe

No deal Brexit preparation

The result.

  • Clear visibility of the environmental impact of travel
  • Travellers empowered to easily offset their own travel
  • Practical alternatives for carbon emission reduction
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“For the first time, our employees are empowered to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to visual dashboards that make data relatable”

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